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Sociedad Española de Beneficencia


Sociedad Española de Beneficencia is an NGO founded in 1948 by Spanish Citizens residing in the Philippines. Recognized by the Spanish Government, SEB operates under the supervision of Spanish nationals, who, having made the Philippines their home, are supportive of both Filipino and Spanish interests. SEB was initially established to provide shelter to indigent elderly Spanish citizens. With the decline of indigent Spanish senior residents, the organization expanded its beneficiaries to include indigent Filipino elderly, providing medical assistance, hospitalization, and burial aid.

Detailed Sector:
- Non-Government Organization (NGO)

Sociedad Española de Beneficencia has broadened its services to include the provision of medical assistance, hospitalization, and burial assistance to indigent elderly Spanish and Filipino citizens residing in the Philippines.

18-A Chatham House, 116 Valero corner Rufino Streets, Salcedo Village, Makati City

+63 2 8843 0742

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