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Q&H Foods, Inc.

Food & Beverage, Distributive Trade

Q&H Foods, Inc. was incorporated in the Philippines on November 06, 1996. Its goal is to serve the specialty food requirements of hotels, restaurants, caterers, hospitals, resorts, and the fast food chains in the country. What began as a small import and distribution company in 1996 is now a major supplier to more than 1,000 establishments nationwide.

Detailed Sector:
- Food & Beverage Importer and Distributor

Q&H Foods, Inc. is an importer and distributor of olive oils, olives, capers, cheese, mayonnaise, tomatoes and other specialty foods.

Unit 113 Chateau Verde Condominium, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Pasig City, Philippines

+63 2 8696 7058

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